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Rubber Floor Mats vs 3D Floor Mats: Which to Choose | 3D Mats

The Difference Between Rubber Floor Mats and 3D Floor Mats

When you’re searching for car floor mats, there are two main types that people tend to use: rubber floor mats and 3D floor mats. Whether you use custom fit car floor mats, OEM vehicle floor mats, or sophisticated carpet mats, it is important to consider that each type will offer unique advantages. And while rubber floor mats and 3D floor mats may seem similar to the uninitiated car owner, both have their own set of benefits that make them ideal for different situations. 

In this article, we’ll differentiate the two and highlight situations wherein these two types of car floor mats perform best. Here’s a look at the key differences between these two types of car floor mats:

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are the more traditional type of car floor mat. They’re usually made from PVC or another similar material, and they offer a few key benefits:

They’re durable and long-lasting

Rubber floor mats are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. They won’t fade or break down as easily as other materials, which makes them a good choice for people who are looking for a long-term solution.

They’re easy to clean

Rubber floor mats can be wiped down or vacuumed with ease, which makes them low-maintenance and easy to keep clean.

They offer good traction

The textured surface of rubber floor mats can help to prevent slipping, which is a plus if you live in an area with snowy or icy winters.

3D Floor Mats


3D floor mats are a newer type of car floor mat that’s usually made from foam and other composite materials. They offer the following key benefits:

They’re comfortable

The foam material that 3D floor mats are made from is soft and cushiony, which makes them more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.

They’re customizable

3D floor mats can be ordered in a custom size and shape to fit your specific car, which gives you a perfect fit and eliminates the need for a trim.

They’re stylish

3D floor mats come in a variety of different designs, colors, and textures, so you can find one that matches your car’s interior perfectly.

So, which type of car floor mat is best for you? If you’re looking for an affordable, durable, and low-maintenance option, rubber floor mats are a good choice. If you’re looking for something more comfortable and stylish, 3D floor mats are a better option, especially because 3D floor mats can also offer the same benefits that come with rubber car floor mats. Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and preferences.

The Best Car Floor Mats According to Your Needs

Depending on a range of factors, such as personal life, occupation, location, and frequency of use, you can maximize ROI on your car floor mats by knowing which one is most suitable for your daily use. 

If, for instance, you are an engineer, farmer, or construction worker, and are in and out of your car often in the field, rubber floor mats would be better because they are durable and easy to clean. That being said, 3D floor mats are just as easy to clean as well.

If you have a pet, 3D floor mats would be best because of the superior traction they offer over rubber floor mats; this will help keep your pet from slipping around inside the car. And if you are a parent with small children, 3D floor mats with a custom fit are ideal, because they will keep your child from slipping and make it difficult for them to remove the car floor mats on their own.

For those who live in places with colder climates, 3D floor mats are the way to go because they offer better insulation than rubber floor mats. This will help keep your feet warmer in the winter months. While for those who live in regions where there is heavy snowfall or the rainy season is all year round, rubber floor mats are the best option as they can withstand constant moisture and will not easily break down. 3D floor mats, when excellently manufactured, can also handle extreme temperature changes.

In general, 3D floor mats offer more advantages than rubber floor mats, but there are still some situations where rubber floor mats would be the better choice. It comes down to understanding your needs and selecting the type of car floor mat that will work best for you:

  • When it comes to cost, most rubber floor mats are cheaper. 
  • Durability-wise, rubber floor mats will hold up for a long time, but 3D floor mats are just as durable against wear and tear such as heavy foot traffic, frequent spoilage, and spillage. 
  • As for the fit, 3D car floor mats are – without question – the better choice when compared to rubber floor mats or any other mats for that matter. This is because customized 3D floor mats are designed to fit the exact contours of your vehicle. 
  • And when we consider style or aesthetics, 3D floor mats are also often better than most rubber floor mats on the market, as these modern floor mats offer a sense of luxury and a polished interior finish to most vehicles.

Whichever type of car floor mat you choose, make sure to read the care instructions carefully so that you can keep them looking and performing their best for as long as possible.

For the Car Owner: The Value of Custom Fit Car Mat

If you’re looking to buy 3D floor mats for your vehicle, but are unsure which of the top choices will give you top value for your money, then here’s a comparison chart to help you decide. In this table, we compare and contrast three other popular 3D floor mats in the market with our very own KAGU MAXpider. The factors that we’ll consider include:

  • Style, involves   the 3D floor mat’s design such as sporty , l rugged, or delicate, among others.
  • Material pertains to the material that the 3D floor mat is made from, such as flat rubber, compressed rubber strings, TPR, TPE, or any of the variety of materials available.
  • Weight how heavy or light the 3D floor mat.
  • Price or cost of the 3D floor mats (subject to change, of course).
  • Durability or how much can the 3D floor mat endure and how it fares against wear and tear.
  • Eco-friendliness, which pertains to whether or not the 3D floor mat is harmful to the environment, how safe it is to use, or how the product is made of non-toxic materials.
3D Mats KAGU MAxpider Weathertech 3D Floor Mats Tesmanian All-Weather Floor Mat AMIACOR All-Weather Floor Liner
Style Black carbon fiber design texture with a premium feel Black rubbery texture with sneaker sole traction patterns Black rubberized plastic texture and basic vertical lines Black basic footrest design with a rubberized texture
Material Top material is made from waterproof thermoplastic rubber, while the middle layer is made from a semi-hard XPE foam, and the bottom layer is the patented MAXpider anti-skid technology TPE or thermoplastic elastomer TPE or thermoplastic elastomer (tri-extruded composition) TPE or thermoplastic elastomer
Weight 5 pounds 8 pounds 15 pounds 5.24 pounds
Price $146.56-$185.69 (custom-fit depends on car model and year) $117.99 $149.99 $148.93
Durability Highly durable Durable Durable Highly durable
Eco-friendliness 100% odorless, non-toxic, and BPE-free; improved soundproofing with the middle layer’s cushioning 100% odorless, non-toxic, and BPE-free 100% odorless, non-toxic, and BPE-free  100% odorless, non-toxic, and BPE-free


It’s also worth noting how the prices can change depending on one’s vehicle, especially for custom-fit floor liners. If price is an important factor for you as a car owner, it helps to consider the benefits are worth the cost. Durability alone can bring in a good ROI as these car mats can last for years with properly maintained.

Given a wide range of options when it comes to choosing floor mats for your vehicle, it helps to know which of these factors are important to you. Consider the unique advantages and how each floor mat will perform, whether it’s rubber or 3D floor mats. That being said, choose the 3D floor mats that give you the functionality you desire while also going for the design or style that you want to see every time you get into your vehicle. 

A custom-fit 3D car floor mat like the KAGU will always fit the exact interior contours of your vehicle’s flooring because it’s digital measured to be that precise. Its carbon fiber design texture adds to the premium feel of the material and gives your vehicle that natural flooring look.

3D Mats is Your Supplier of High-Quality and Innovative Custom Car Floor Mats for a Wide Range of Vehicles

Given the benefits of 3D floor mats, we know that our products can provide you with an improved driving experience for a better quality of life, especially if you get into your car daily. Not only does our product line, such as the KAGU, offer top-tier comfort through the middle layer’s cushioning, but it also allows you to enjoy less foot fatigue while dampening noise. Meanwhile, the top layer gives your vehicle the style and protection that your interior flooring needs through a carbon fiber texture design made from thermoplastic rubber. And lastly, the bottom layer, which features our patented Maxpider tech, keeps your car floor mats secured in place to prevent skidding for safer driving.

The custom-fit 3D floor mat is designed to fit into your vehicle as if it were factory-made, which gives your interior flooring that sleek, durable, and comfortable ride. Enjoy different color options and unique benefits from each type of custom fit car floor mats in-store. 

Check our products and don’t hesitate to send us a message for any inquiries. Be sure to also visit our blogs page for more on car floor mats!


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