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Car Camping: The Basics

We all love the great outdoors. Whether it's with the family, with friends, your partner, or even by yourself, camping is an exciting way to fill your weekend. There's more than one way to enjoy your camping weekend and this is what we will explore today. We'll discuss planning, what you should bring with you, and how to set up your campsite. So, read on and come along on this journey with us. This guide is for veterans just looking to brush up or first-timers looking for a brand new outdoor adventure. We hope you'll find this guide useful, either way.

A grand outing always starts with planning ahead. First, we must find the ideal camping spot. You'll usually find either camping in the forest such as a national or state park, or a designated camping area with showers, bathrooms, pools, and/or other comforts. Think about how much you want to “rough it out”, or if you would like some comforts to enjoy during your day or weekend. Speaking of which, decide how long you'll want to spend on your trip. This can help determine your budget and how much food and other consumables to bring. It's best to think of a budget ahead of time, just so you know how much you want to spend on some tasty snacks, or how much you want to save for some really cool, yet useful gadgets that can help save time and energy on your trip. However, whatever you decide to spend on gear, it's not always best to pick the cheapest option. At too cheap of prices, low-quality items may not last the entire trip. So, buyer beware and you get what you pay for. And with that, let's go shopping!

Some of the best camping grounds require us to make a reservation ahead of time while some are on a first come first serve basis. It is important to do some research on the desired camping ground. If camping at the Grand Canyon is on your bucket list, we suggest you make a reservation ahead of time. Here are some campsites that require you to make a reservation:

  • North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon National Park
  • Elkmont Campground, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Watchman Campground, Zion National Park 
  • Blackwoods Campground, Acadia National Park
  • Fish Creek Campground, Glacier National Park 
  • Hoh Campground, Olympic National Park 
  • Sandy Pines Campground,  Maine

North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon National Park

North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon National Park

What you decide to bring will vary depending on the weather and time of year, how long you will camp, and your budget. Here’s a quick checklist for you to keep in mind of bringing: 

  • a tent
  • a ground tarp
  • a hammer
  • an air mattress & pump / a sleeping pad
  • a sleeping bag
  • a pillow
  • a chair
  • a cooler/icebox
  • a stove
  • a flashlight
  • a lighter/fire-starter
  • a canteen
  • a table
  • charcoal
  • a shovel
  • a bucket
  • utensils
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • bear spray

Now, when it comes to 3D Mats, you'll love our outdoor products. They're made of high-quality materials that are sure to last a very long time, no matter how many outdoor excursions, or how rough they are. Here are some of our offerings:

  • Lightweight Car Awning: light-weight and can be set up quickly. It's perfect for car camping and protecting from the rain. It also makes for a great hangout area, or even to cook. It's really nice when paired with a camping chair or a portable wheel table. Our Lightweight Car Awning comes with a detachable zipper. You can easily unzip it for cleaning up or drying. You won’t have to reinstall the whole thing all the time!

Lightweight Car Awning

Lightweight Car Awning


  • Portable Wheel Table: a sturdy metal table that sits on your car's tire for extra sturdy support. The added support makes it great for heavier items, like big logs for firewood, or even a propane stove. You can easily set it up by releasing the locks and placing them on the wheel. The table can hold up to 44lbs so it can definitely handle your camping supplies. The table legs are adjustable, ranging from 23.6 to 45.3 inches.

Portable Wheel Table

Portable Wheel Table


  • Transforming Roof Basket: a sturdy, compartment-style box that is spacious and can be locked. Our roof basket fits any crossbar regardless of size and can be easily installed. It can be flattened or stacked for easy storage. This roof basket will help you make room for your adventure. 

Roof Basket

Transforming Roof Basket


And that's just a taste. Visit our website at: for more of our outdoor products and information.