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Which Car Mat Design Fits Your Personality?

How to Know Which Car Mat Design Fits You Best

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To take care of your vehicle and ensure it stands the test of time, have you ever considered which car mat design suits your style? 

3D Mats USA is here to help you find wholesale car floor mats that deliver premium quality in both function and design.

The Different Car Mat Designs

Given the option to choose from a wide range of car mats, you must have come across various products that come in an assortment of colors, materials, and prints. These car floor mats can be categorized into the following:

  • Fabric Carpets
  • Rubber Mats
  • All-Weather Vinyl Floor Mats
  • Nomad Mats or Curly Foot Mats
  • 3D Floor Mats

Depending on the material of the car floor mat, the wide range of designs varies quite a bit. From animal print carpet mats to colorful patterns, intricate stitching to carbon fiber textures, and simple designs to customize floor liner options, makes it harder to choose the right car mats that suits you.

Let’s look through various floor mat features and designs to help you pick out the best one.

Choosing the Best 3D Car Floor Liner: Which Car Owner Are You?

Here at 3D Mats USA, we manufacture and deliver precisely crafted innovative car floor mats and liners. Our car floor liner is customized to fit your daily driver’s floor area accurately. Whether you’re into a more modern, sleek look or a classic, sophisticated design, our diverse product line of 3D car floor liners deliver the capabilities necessary for a safe, comfortable, and confident driving experience.

All About the Carbon Fiber Appeal

KAGU All Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner

The KAGU All Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner is available in three colors for modern and sleek car floor mats:

  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Black

Through a cutting-edge process that involves laser scanning and measuring, 3D modeling, and CNC milling in the rise edge mold making, we deliver a product with a three-layer structure design that offers an innovative way to:

  • Keep your vehicle clean
  • Make your car easier to maintain
  • Protect your car from unwanted debris, spillage, and stains
  • Increase your driving comfort
  • Reduce foot fatigue
  • Securely lock your floor mats in place to prevent it from sliding

The KAGU showcases pioneering design in car floor mats through its three-layer structure:

  • A waterproof thermoplastic rubber surface layer that is 3D designed to fit the exact contours of your vehicle
  • Non-toxic semi-hard XPE foaming material inner layer provides additional soundproofing and cushioning that minimizes foot fatigue
  • Patented MAXpider Bottom layer secures the liners in place without leaving nib marks on the car’s carpet

Apart from enjoying the benefits of the KAGU as a functional 3D car floor liner, another feature is its beautiful carbon fiber texture that suits modern people who pursue a lifestyle.

If you’re a practical car owner and the type of person who prioritizes premium functionality, then our KAGU All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner would be a perfect choice for you. With its three-layer structure for the ideal driving experience and carbon fiber texture, you get to enjoy a modern, sleek appeal that goes well with contemporary automobiles. 

The KAGU All Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner enables you to drive in style, safety, and comfort without compromising on aesthetics.

Timeless Sophistication

ELEGANT Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner

The ELEGANT Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner provides an innovative three-layer structure that showcases:

  • A special double twisted PP tufted carpet as its surface layer for that timeless style in your interior
  • A soft foam XPE inner layer that provides extra cushioning for comfort
  • The patented MAXpider anti-skid bottom layer that keeps the mats in place without damaging your vehicle’s flooring

This car floor liner fits car owners who have a preference for luxury and sophistication. Particularly, they enjoy the warm look and texture that carpet flooring gives them. Its classic appeal precedes the technology behind the innovative three-layer structure, making it a perfect fit for resto-mod vehicles as well. 

Without having to sacrifice functionality, you get to enjoy the timeless appearance of carpeted flooring through our lightweight, quick-drying, and eco-friendly ELEGANT Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner. 

The Smart Car of the Future

ELITECT All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner

The ELITECT All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner is currently an exclusive 3D car floor liner for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, however, more vehicle models will be added in the future. It provides a similar three-layer structure like the KAGU floor liner, but offers a more linear design and three-dimensional sense through the following:

  • A stylish and non-toxic surface layer of thermoplastic rubber in a streamlined carbon fiber texture design
  • A soft foam XPE inner layer that provides a quieter ride with sound dampening and a more comfortable ride with extra cushioning
  • The patented MAXpider bottom layer features pioneering anti-skid capabilities that won't leave any scratches and marks on the car’s interior mat.

If you’re the vehicle owner that enjoys the best of what innovation and technology have to offer, then the ELITECT is the most suitable choice for you when it comes to car floor mats. Just owning our ELITECT will improve your overall driving quality and allow you to experience the advantage of tech – this is what a smart future looks like – allowing automation and innovation to help us daily through the simplest ways. 

A smart car owner chooses to protect their vehicles with a car floor mat that makes cleaning easier and maintenance less frequent, all while giving it a modern and solid look. Digitized fit, waterproof, and antiskid – these are the primary features you should get and take advantage of with our ELITECT All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner.

3D Mats USA: Your Partner in Car Mats, Vehicle Floor Liners, and Accessories 

Many car owners tend to save up for their dream cars and take pride in their vehicles as an extension of themselves. Making sure every inch of the car is in tip-top shape. A vehicle, after all, is no cheap asset. 

They say your car reflects your personality. And we believe in how the style of your car may let people understand about you more. Whether you’re a practical vehicle owner that prefers function over style, a classic car lover, or a smart car owner, owning 3D Mats car floor liners keeps your car protected and enables you to drive comfortably with extra safety that reflects your high-quality lifestyle.

Make the right decision when choosing car floor mats with the help of 3D Mats USA. Our selection of 3D car floor liners are for any vehicle owner, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, maybe we can help you with a customized design.

Contact us today for any questions or inquiries.

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